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Events – New Format “Jump Ball”

In the future, get togethers will be called “jump-ball events”. The idea is to piggy-back onto events that are already planned and organized. CCMOAA would advertise that we are attending these events and anyone who wishes to join in, along with their civilian guests, are welcome.

The Sunset Cruise, which was very successful and was used as a working model. As you recall it was just a general invitation to the Chapter with over 25 of you showing up. It was successful as all we had to do was board the ocean catamaran and have an adult beverage and we were underway.

Future examples might be:

- Freedom Classic baseball game between the USNA and USAFA – with tailgate

- USNA vs. ECU football game – with tailgate

- Parades (4th of July, Veterans Day, etc.)

- Winery or Distillery events and tastings

We can use these events as an abbreviated membership meeting. If you have a suggestion, let our President or 2nd Vice, Randy Bogle know, and we’ll try and get it on the calendar.

Check back often, as we will be posting events monthly.

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"I to Served America"

Stories of Greenwood Cemetery's Black Veterans

Through the years, New Bern’s Black residents have answered America's call to arms and served honorably in every conflict. Many of those veterans are buried in historic Greenwood Cemetery. What began as a project by the American Legion Post 539 to clean the badly neglected graves of the cemetery’s Black veterans expanded with research by the Historical Society into the men’s lives and service. As each veteran’s headstone was identified, and with every layer of age and grime painstakingly removed, their unknown or forgotten stories surfaced and clarified. No longer neglected, we can now publicly honor these men who fought and died in every major conflict from the Civil War to Desert Storm.

At this luncheon program our speakers will describe this inspiring community project and share remarkable stories about some of these men, their service, and the times in which they lived.

  • Mark Sandvigen, Carol Becton & Claudia Houston
  • 11:30am - 1:30pm

I, Too, Served America

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