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The 4th Branch

10 Oct 2018

The North Carolina Council of MOAA chapters is spearheading a campaign to extend the Bailey-Patton Act to exempt military retirement pay from state income tax for all current and future military retirees.

The NC 4th Branch is lobbying hard to get the NC legislative bill entitled “Equal Tax Treatment of Government Retirees” passed this upcoming session. We are approaching a make-or-break point on this critical tax exemption issue. It is crucial, however, that legislators hear about this issue from their constituents.

The 4th Branch lobbying team sends out legislative alerts to its subscribers at appropriate times and asks them to send out pre-composed email messages to their respective state legislators. The number of registered subscribers, however, is lacking.

Finally, as your President, I ask you to close the loop with me by a return email confirming that you are now a registered subscriber to the 4th Branch, and you are ready to do your part to help our own.

Thank you for continuing to serve.

For a complete description of the petition and needed action please read attached file.


If you haven’t registered for the 4th Branch yet, I ask you to do so today. It is free and very simple to do, just go to the 4th Branch website (www.4thbranchnc.org), click on “Join Now” on top of the homepage, and follow the prompts, takes about 5 minutes.

After you register yourself, register your spouse and any other adult of your household. If you have any friends or neighbors who are state employees, e.g., school teachers, policemen, firefighters, etc., encourage them to register as well, they will all be beneficiaries of this legislation. The greater the number, the better our chances for success.

Bailey-Patton Act Petition

4th Branch

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4th Branch Petition Text (pdf 85.9 Kb)

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Legislative Day Report

June 6, 2018

On June 6, Representative Michael Speciale arranged a meeting between Senator Norman Sanderson, Iggi Husar and ET Mitchell at his office in Raleigh. As representatives of the MOAA Coastal Carolina Chapter, we advocated specifically for:

• Military Retiree State Income Tax Relief (SB153 and HB103)

• Funding for the NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

• Veterans/Health Care/Youth Suicide Prevention Programs (HB894)

• Certain Property Tax Relief to Veterans (HB2)

• Veteran Post-traumatic Stress/Mitigating Factors (HB483)

• Increasing the amount of raffles and amounts that can be raised by NC non-profits

For a complete text of the meetings please download and read the report.

Full Report

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Legislative Day - June 6 (pdf 74.5 Kb)

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TRICARE Open Season

December 2018

Compare TRICARE Plan Costs with Cost Comparison Tool

Do you have questions about your TRICARE costs? Your health care costs depend on your health plan, and who you are. If you’re an active duty family member enrolled in TRICARE Prime, for example, you’ll pay different costs than a retiree enrolled in TRICARE Select. To help you make informed choices, you can view and compare costs between TRICARE plans using the TRICARE Compare Cost Tool.

The compare plans feature is especially helpful if you’re thinking about changing your health care plan during the upcoming TRICARE Open Season (Nov. 12 – Dec. 10). Not only are you able to compare TRICARE Prime and TRICARE Select costs, you can see the costs for individuals and families. During TRICARE Open Season, you can enroll in TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select, switch between the two plans, and switch from individual to family coverage.

With the new TRICARE Compare Cost Tool, you can see TRICARE costs, including copayments, enrollment fees, and deductibles. Active duty service members pay nothing out of pocket for any type of care. Active duty family members only pay for care when using a TRICARE Prime plan if they get care without a referral, when they use TRICARE Select, or if they use a network pharmacy or TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery. There is no cost for services received at a military hospital or clinic, except for a per-day fee when receiving inpatient care.

Take command of your health by learning about your health plan costs and download the TRICARE Costs and Fees Sheet. As 2019 approaches, find the latest costs and fees for TRICARE plans on the TRICARE website. Additional TRICARE online tools to help you choose the right TRICARE plan for you and your family are the TRICARE Plan Finder and Compare Plans.

Compare TRICARE Plan Costs with Cost Comparison Tool

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Family Savings (FSA) Act 2018

October 15, 2018

Please call your two U.S. Senators and request they support and vote for the “Family Savings Act of 2018” (H.R. 6757). The bill, if passed, would create a new tax deferred savings account and removes the age restriction for contributions to a traditional IRA, which is currently set at age 70 ½. It also includes a slightly modified version of “The Service Member Retirement Improvement Act," a bill aimed at giving Reserve and National Guard members military retirement savings options equal to the active components.

The “Family Savings Act of 2018” (H.R. 6757) passed the U.S. House of Representatives on September 28th by a vote of 230-170 and needs to be completed by the U.S. Senate before the end of the year and this congressional session.

FSA Document

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Family Savings Act 2018 (pdf 149.5 Kb)

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